Underground Energy Service Offerings

Underground Energy is in the business of designing and constructing highly efficient geothermal-based heating and cooling systems for green buildings.  We deliver savings in life-cycle energy costs realized by site-specific application of underground thermal energy storage technology.  We can provide turnkey design and construction management services from initial feasibility evaluations to commissioning of building energy systems.  
Geothermal Design and Construction Services
  • Subsurface heat transfer modeling and optimization
  • Thermal injection/recovery well design and construction for ATES systems
  • Borehole thermal response testing
  • Soil and rock thermal conductivity testing
  • Ground heat exchanger (GHX) design and construction
  • Cost estimation
  • Construction management

Forensic Geothermal Services
  • Evaluation and diagnosis of existing, underperforming geothermal systems
  • Flow and tracer testing of closed-loop ground heat exchangers
  • Evaluation of GHX water temperatures and subsurface heat accumulation

Hydrogeologic Evaluation Services
  • Aquifer pumping test design, performance and analysis
  • Hydrogeologic site characterization
  • Aquifer hydraulic evaluation
  • Design and implementation of monitoring programs
  • Geochemical sampling and data evaluation
  • Numerical modeling of saturated and unsaturated flow and heat transport
  • High-temperature geothermal prospecting (hydrogeologic and geochemical)
  • Training

Regulatory Permitting Services
  • Underground Injection Control permitting (local, state and federal)
  • Hydrogeologic and geothermal siting studies
  • Geothermal and hydrogeology EIR preparation under NEPA and state programs
  • Subsurface contaminant assessment and remediation

Project Management
  • Contract negotiation and schedule coordination
  • Grant proposal preparation

LEED Certification Services

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