Underground Energy was formed in 2009 to commercialize Geothermal Energy Storage technology in the US.  We combine over 30 years of professional hydrogeologic and mechanical engineering consulting and project management experience with a passion for innovation, sustainability and client service.
Geothermal Innovation – Underground Energy is committed to innovation and quality in geothermal applications.  We understand the energy efficiency and cost savings that are being realized from advanced geothermal energy storage applications in Europe, and we are leading the commercialization of underground thermal energy storage technology in the US.  

Applied Hydrogeology – The importance of hydrogeology, the science of groundwater, to the success of geothermal installations is not widely appreciated.  Proper orientiation of a ground heat exchanger array relative to groundwater flow direction can significantly improve the operating efficiency of a small residential geothermal system.  On the cutting edge of geothermal technology, design of ATES systems requires profound hydrogeologic knowledge.   We have been practicing applied hydrogeology since the 1980s, and are experts at all aspects of site hydrogeologic characterization, hydraulic testing, groundwater flow and heat transport modeling, and geochemical evaluation.  We will enthusiastically bring this skill set to your geothermal application. 

Professionalism – We are experienced professionals.  We understand the importance of honesty, integrity and hard work, and are commited to giving you superlative client service.  Underground Energy staff maintain the following professional credentials:

  • LEED accredited professional

Teamed for Success – We know that your successful project requires the best team.  Underground Energy staff are affiliated with a world-class environmental consultancy and we have assembled a team that includes the most experienced, capable and professional members of the geothermal and energy storage industries.  We have a business relationship and a formal Teaming Agreement with the US affiliate of IF Technology, bv, the Dutch firm that pioneered commercial ATES applications on the 1990s and has designed and installed over 600 successful UTES projects.  If your project needs anything from a comprehensive environmental permit to a thoughtful well driller, Underground Energy will deliver the best team for your project needs.

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Applied Hydrogeology
Geothermal Innovation

Running a 5-day aquifer pumping test, Cape Cod, October 1988.
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Latest News and Events

  • Underground Energy has been awarded a contract by the US Veterans Administration for ATES feasibility studies at two VA medical centers in Ohio. Phase I results show an opportunity to reduce electricity consumption for cooling by 70% at the Chillicothe campus.

  • Underground Energy is a charter member of the New England Geothermal Professional Association (NEGPA).  Underground Energy's President, Mark Worthington, works with the NEGPA Board of Directors  on NEGPA's advocacy and government relations committee.